Do you long to walk intimately with God or even wonder if it is really possible?  Are you called to shepherd people of various ages and circumstances, but sometimes find it hard to relate when you have not yet walked through similar chapters?  Would you like to be mentored for lifelong walking with God for yourself or those you lead?   God teaches priceless lessons through life, including some we may resist learning.

Dr. Stephen Gammon shares timeless biblical wisdom and treasured personal insights learned through 14 successive chapters of life in Walking With God: 101 Lessons for Life and Ministry.

Applying these lessons will…

  • Heighten your enjoyment of walking closely with God

  • Expand your awareness of what God teaches in various chapters of life

  • Reduce your resistance to leave your comfort zone for obedience to Christ

  • Increase your anticipation of fruitful ministry until your final breath and beyond.


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